Nashville Sweet Tea Company has a simple mission.

We aim to create a product that honors our Southern Heritage and is something we can proudly share with you and our loved ones. We like to call it a "Sip of the South"

What's the tea, about our TEA?

TEA: Our Signature Tea varieties are made only with natural ingredients. We steep the highest quality black tea leaves, dried fruits, herbs, and flowers to create unique iced tea flavors. We offer caffeinated and decaffeinated options.

SUGAR: Organic sugar contains more vitamins and minerals than traditional refined sugar.

WATER: The extraordinary health advantages of alkaline water
can be attributed to the presence of four minerals: Calcium: Bone-building, Magnesium: Energy, Sodium: Blood Pressure, Potassium: Crucial for muscular
function and supporting digestive health.


Our sweet tea is crafted with the finest ingredients: filtered water, pure cane sugar, flowers, and high-quality, long-leaf tea leaves. Nashville Sweet Tea Company plans to bring southern tradition to the western region.