Meet the Howards! Michael and Lisa Howard, both natives of Tennessee and former Air Force veterans, started The Nashville Sweet Tea Company in 2023 with the help of their two sons. After settling in Las Vegas and being beaten down in the blistering summer sun, nothing quenched our thirsty like a glass of Southern-Style Sweet Ice-Cold Tea and we wanted to share this treat with our friends in the west. We offer you all a "Sip of the South". 
On a global scale, about two-thirds of the population drinks tea, making it the second most popular beverage among humans, right after water. A part of tea's meteoric rise to fame is the cultural and historical importance of the beverage. For many generations, people all throughout the world have enjoyed drinking tea, and it has served an essential purpose in many different civilizations. 
Recipes passed down through generations as well as blind tasting tests with
 friends, family, and whomever else we could round up for cup of tea helped us 
fine-tune our blends that we share with you today.